Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Owen: a model child?

Even as a fetus, Owen has always been quite photogenic (see his "Blue Steel" impression from August 7, 2007). So, when a local clothing company (www.bruzwear.com) needed models for their catalog, I signed Owen up.

The shoot was on July 2nd. We met at a nearby playground. Sean was already in Seattle and Owen and I were headed to the airport after the shoot. Unfortunately, Owen decided to get up quite early (5am!) that morning so by 9, he was quite cranky. But the photographer was wonderful and she was able to capture a few good shots of the little guy...

For those of your with small children, I HIGHLY recommend Bruz Wear pants! Not only do they have cool patterns, but they are super durable and practical. The patches on the knees are actually knee pads! Owen's first pair of Bruz Wear pants (as seen in many of the pics below), are hand-me-downs of hand-me-downs. That's how long they last!

Ok, enough of this commercial break. We now return you to our regular scheduled blogging.... :)


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