Friday, February 29, 2008

What is going on here?

Pop quiz: what is happening in this photo?

a. Toxic waste cleanup
b. Sean protecting Owen from the flu
c. Sean protecting himself from Owen's farts
d. All of the above

ps - I don't have the flu anymore, this photo is from about a week ago

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cute new photos

Here are a few cute new photos from this past weekend, taken mainly by Vovo (Yol)

Marisa with Owen and Vovo

playing with his new mirror turle

Making faces while playing

I must stay away at the moment to avoid giving him the flu -- terrible!

Up, up and away!

In a sad state of affairs, I (Sean) have the flu and have been spending the last few days trying to avoid infecting Marisa or Owen. Luckily, Vovo was in town for the weekend and she took up my normal duties. I think I am on the road to recovery -- I hope so, at least....

The upside of this is that I have time to share a few photos in which Owen is trying to be like superman.

In this photo I think he sees some misdeed (maybe a shadow frowned at the wall) and is thinking about going to the rescue. But not thinking that hard, because he looks pretty comfortable.

Here he is trying to blast off but is held back by his mom wiping up his drool.

This is what the superhero looks like at the end of the day -- still posing in his sleep!

hooray for justice!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Owen's Coming Out Party

Owen got to meet many of Nan's friends on Wednesday at a party in his honor hosted by Jean. He was certainly the man of the hour - staying awake and smiling at all the ladies with is big blue eyes. I definitely think this little guy will be quite the ladies man! I'll have to hide the Courvoisier. :)

He also received some very nice presents, including a book about a mouse named Owen, colorful rattles, a cute cowboy outfit, and this great hat (hand-made by Debbie):

Thanks to all the ladies!


Saturday, February 16, 2008


Ever since he was born, Owen has liked to sleep...

and sleep...

and sleep...

The only problem for Mom and Dad was that the sleeping lasted 3-4 hours at most at one time! But, by some miracle (or Owen's mercy on his parents), the little man has started to figure out that sleeping for 7 hours in a row makes everyone happy!! That's right - Owen has slept thru most of the night for the last 2 nights in a row! He's gone 6 hours before but never on consecutive days. Of course, we don't want to get too excited or used to this new routine since it could change at any time but we just wanted to share our current excitement since we have the energy to do so.

Hopefully, by posting this, we will not suffer from the same fate as those who appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Sweet dreams,

Friday, February 15, 2008

Is our baby a Hutt?

As everyone knows, the Hutts are gangsters that are the tough guys on the planet Tatooine. Jabba featured prominently in some Star Wars adventures, until Princess Leia strangled him (unlike Pizza the Hut, who was trapped in his own limousine and ate himself to death).

It has come to my attention that when he cries really forcefully, Owen looks a little bit like Jabba. Notice the tongue sort of floating in the middle of the mouth, and the strange Hutt gangster sign he is making. It almost looks like a Hutt salute or some kind of secret handshake. I don't know how my son became associated with the Hutts at such a young age -- I am thinking of suing the hospital where he was born.


To be peed on... actually not that bad. It's warm and wet but pretty harmless. The biggest thing is the surprise factor.

You could be busy pretending to eat the baby's brain and all of a sudden ...

your shirt is warm and wet. And you know what? It feels kind of nice, at least for a moment. He usually smiles after peeing on me, out of respect, I think.

over & out

High Altitude Adventures

Hi everyone!

Sorry that we have been slackers this week and haven't posted. It has been an eventful week!

Last weekend we took Owen up to Breck to see how he would do at altitude. We left early so that, if anything went wrong and we wanted to bring him back to Boulder we wouldn't have to drive at night. But, the little man did GREAT!! Which turned out to be a good thing in many ways because the weather turned bad and they closed the highway so we wouldn't have been able to get down if we wanted to.

But, it was also a good thing because we had a great time! Owen, Sean, and I went for a walk in town...
That's Owen in the sling wearing his Tomato hat (thanks Melissa T!) He slept the whole way!

And Owen got to meet lots of new friends - Pancho and Coco, Adam and Minda, Toni and Skip. And his dad also introduced him to the icicles on the porch! (we have a picture of this introduction but Owen's face is obscured by sunlight so you'll have to trust us that he enjoyed this experience immensely - well, at least he didn't cry.)

Since we don't have a changing table set up there, we had to create a make-shift one on the couch. And, for a little entertainment, Owen played with his new musical windmill from Holland (thanks Jonathan and Petra!!)

It was a great weekend and we are excited to take Owen up there again soon! Hopefully, next time I won't be so anxious about how Owen is sleeping, eating and pooping and I can go skiing for a run or two. :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another cute smily picture

Friday, February 1, 2008

Owen is one month old!

One month of Owen

Owen turns 1 month old today. Sean and I were hoping to take him up to Breck to celebrate (and to see how he does at altitude) but the weather didn't cooperate (snowy conditions on the roads + anxious first time parents = cancellation of plans).

So Sean and I decided to take this opportunity while Owen naps to post some pictures. We have also updated our Picasa photo album (link can be found on the upper right column of the blog).

Here are pictures from his first day of life and his 31st day of life. It's amazing how quickly the last month has gone by and how much Owen has grown. It has been exciting, exhausting, fun-filled, and nerve-wracking, but we are enjoying every minute of this adventure and can't wait to see what lies ahead....

One month of Owen and Dad....

One month of Owen and Mom...

We feel so blessed!
Marisa & Sean