Tuesday, August 19, 2008

East Coast Expedition

Sean, Owen, and I headed East last week for 10 days. Since Sean is still in NY as I write this post (on his annual baseball roadtrip with the Seattle boys) and he has the camera with him, I will just quickly recap our trip and then we will post more details once we download the photos.

After a late start (our flight was 1.5 hours delayed and we had to wait at Logan for our bags which didn't make it on our plane), we jumped in the rental car and headed up to Raymond, Maine (yes, that's the name of the town) to visit Sean's grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin. Owen had a great time with the Reders and Mim. And he was introduced to Jet, their friendly black dog who loves to lick. Despite never being that close to a dog before, Owen didn't seem to mind.

Then it was off to Andover to visit the Hoenigs! It was so much fun to meet Garin and to see Jenn and Scott. Owen loved watching Garin play. And it was amazing for Sean and I to watch what a 19 month old can do! Garin is a sponge, repeating everything you say. Sean and I better start cleaning up our language! In Andover, we also got to see some of Sean's high school friends (Dave and Paul) and their lovely ladies and we got to visit with skinny Yeti too!

Then it was off to Springfield and some Neylon family fun! What a party! 12 Neylons came to meet Owen!

Phew! But, wait, there's more!!

A three hour drive to the Zahler family barn. The barn is AMAZING! We took lots of pictures so we'll post those when Sean gets home. Unfortunately, I got sick. At first we thought it was allergies. I was blowing my nose alot and Owen thought it was hilarious. Here's a picture from Vovo's cell phone camera:

But it turned out to be a throat infection so we drove down to NYC so I could go to the doctor. I went to see Dr. Shapiro, the family practice doctor that we all went to see when I was a kid. She came to visit me at the hospital when I was born so it was a real treat for both of us that she could meet Owen. Her office was exactly the same. Even her nurses are the same! It was quite a trip down memory lane - and I even got antibiotics just like old times.

Then, on Sunday it was back to Colorado for Owen and I. Flying alone with a 7 month old is EXHAUSTING! Owen did great despite the fact that he only slept for 45 minutes of the 4 hour flight and screamed when we were landing. Note to self: pacifiers are not a substitute for a bottle when it comes to ear pain! At least we learned this lesson before our 16 hour trip to Bordeaux.

And now we're home. I'm going to have to write another post about how much I respect single, working parents. After 48 hours, I can't WAIT for Sean to get home! He'll be back tomorrow. Woo hoo!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A bunch of movies -- part 1

We have been especially slow putting movies on the blog. So, here is a backlog of movies that are highly entertaining and pretty cute, going back several months.

May 9th at the Hayden Planetarium in NYC

Squirming naked on the floor at home -- May 11th

Playing with a purple cow and smiling -- May 20th

Sunday May 25th in Central Park -- Owen and a blanket

June 11th -- Laughing with Mommy

June 11th: making squeaking sounds with Daddy:

June 12th -- getting the hang of the bouncy

June 20th -- playing table piano with mommy:

There are a bunch more movies we haven't included yet, so stay tuned!