Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up with the Raymonds

Ok, so after promising to be better at blogging, we have failed to post anything since July. Shame on us.

In brief, here is the big news from the past three months: WE ARE MOVING!! Sean has been offered a position at the Universite de Bordeaux in France so we are packing up our stuff, selling our condo, and moving in 18 days! Oh my goodness!!

We've been trying to get Owen ready for the big move. Sean's been teaching him some key french words: vache (cow), foin (hay), and, of course, trop chaud which means too hot and is the name of a book we picked up in Bordeaux last year that Owen really likes. We've been reading it in English for the past year but Owen is now adjusting to our reading it in French too. Such a flexible child!

Other than that, we've been trying to enjoy our remaining time in Boulder. Last weekend, we went to the zoo and Owen had a great time. Here are some cute pictures:


I also took Owen to Cottonwood Farms to play in the Hay Maze. The camera battery died but here is one cute picture I managed to capture:

Owen is also learning lots of new skills. For example:


2) Pillow diving

3) Imaginative play (usually with trucks)

4) Smiling on command

He's really fun! You are all welcome to come visit us in France to see for yourself!