Wednesday, February 24, 2010


After much debate, Sean and I have decided that keeping 2 blogs is just too confusing for us. So, we have moved our blog to: HTTP://BORDEAUXRAYMONDS.BLOGSPOT.COM

Hope you enjoy!
(Owen helping build furniture in our new house)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holidays 2009

Our first holiday season in France was busy busy BUSY. Here are some highlights:

1) Bordeaux, like most European towns, has a month-long Christmas Market (Marche de Noel) in the center of town. We took Owen several times in the hopes of getting a picture with Santa. But, apparently, Papa Noel is not a morning person (or a Tuesday afternoon person or a Christmas Eve person) so no photo this year. However, Owen didn't seem to mind as there was a carousel that was even more exciting...
And Owen did get to rid in Santa's sleigh:
2) Hanukah
Despite the beautiful synagogue in town, we clearly do not live in the Jewish capital of France. It was extremely hard to find a menorah in Bordeaux. So, I made one:

3) Christmas
Owen woke up early on Christmas morning. I think he would have gone back to sleep but Sean was too excited so he brought Owen to our bed and gave him his stocking

Then we had french toast (the French call it pain perdu - literally lost bread) and opened presents

We went on a nature walk around the observatory campus while we waited for Nan and Pip to arrive.
We have lots of cute photos of Nan and Pip's visit and this post is already very long so I will end here. Stay tuned for Holiday Season Part 2: Invasion of the Grandparents. :)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Internet at HOME!!!

We moved into our permanent "new house" (as Owen calls it) last Saturday and finally, after 4 months, have internet and cable hooked up and functional!! A huge relief for Marisa who has definitely been feeling a bit isolated from the world.

So, now we will definitely be blogging more. We have lots to catch up on with 4 months of intermittent blogging so be sure to stay tuned!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Owen has been dreaming a lot lately, sometimes being quite upset during the night and talking about things that make no obvious sense. This morning was a funny one. Boyo didn't sleep well and came into bed with us at around 5 this morning. Sometime after that he woke up, cryied for ahout 5 seonds, said "Owen want big ice cream cone!" and then went back to sleep. It was awesome! (although I wouldn't have been upset if this had happened during the day so I could have not been woken up)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Lately, as well as when he was little, I've been singing one of my favorite songs to boyo before he sleeps -- hard rain's gonna fall by Bob Dylan. This morning, out of nowhere, Owen quoted that song for the first time by randomly saying "died in the gutter!" a bunch of times. I like the song because it has lots of interesting imagery in it, and when I sing it I censor out some of the gorier pieces -- for example, I change the young woman whose body was burning to the young woman whose body was purple. But, I left in the part about the poet who died in the gutter and that seems to be the part that stuck! Oopsah!

Pretty funny, and only a little disturbing..... The frenchies won't understand what he's talking about so we're good.

over & out