Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ogden, UT with John Armstrong

Last weekend, the family headed off to Ogden, UT to visit John and Weber State University.

Utah is beautiful! Just look at this photo from the plane:

Owen loved running around the rental car area at SLC International Airport.

On Friday, Marisa and Owen went to check out the railway and car museum at Ogden's Union Station:

They had real trains too...

but Owen was not a big fan. I think they were too big. He's used to toy-size trains.

While we were playing, Sean was giving a public talk at WSU

On Saturday, John showed us some of what Ogden has to offer. There's Lindquist Field, home of the Ogden Raptors (the Rookie League affiliate of the LA Dodgers):

And a super fun Children's Museum. Owen had a great time at the museum. He played with the life-size chess set (he was a pawn but he took the black knights and king down!)

He worked hard in the Oval Office with President Obama ("now, where do they keep the crackers in this place?!")

And he played with John:

We took part in celebrating the Children's Museum birthday with some cake.

Ogden also has an indoor skydiving center but we thoought Owen might be a little young for that! :) Though, I think Owen's favorite place in Ogden was our hotel. We highly recommend the Hampton in Downtown Ogden!

Owen is a walking machine: Eldo

About 3 weekends ago, Owen decided that crawling was for babies! Literally, overnight, he went from a "I'll walk when mommy and daddy are there to cheer me on" to "I'll walk when I feel like it and I feel like it all the time!"

Exhibit A: We planned a hike in Eldorado Springs. Owen was all snug in his backpack. Within 10 minutes he wanted out...

Quick lunch break.... mmm.... peanut butter sandwich and bananas!

Then it was back to walking!