Monday, November 23, 2009

words: then and now

Hello, Sean here! Long time since I wrote a blog post and this one is going to be short and sweet. Owen has been getting more and more words ("sea dragon", "hipopotame" -- that's hippo in french, "moving") but I want to remember some of his cute mispronunciations before I forget them:

Orange: "oh-goosh"
Cheerios: "doo-doos"

older ones that are now corrected
Owen: "Na-na"
Firetruck: "Wawuck"

There have been some other cute ones that I can't remember right now. My favorite thing that he is doing at the moment (started on Saturday) is singing along to his bedtime song, the gypsy rover. Once in a while during the day he will just break out a little "ah dee doo dah day" which is the greatest thing for me, especially since my dad used to sing the gypsy rover to me when I was a kid too! (and he still does once in a while)

Note: as of Nov 29, Owen now says all the syllables of "cock-a-doodle-doo!" However, in France roosters say "co-co-ri-co!" so that is one fewer syllable for him to translate.

I don't have any recent photos on this computer (it's my work computer) so I will leave you with a photo taken at Nan and Pip's house during a dinner there this summer: This was taken just after he had his first ever taste of whipped cream.

over & out!

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