Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back in Bordeaux

Well, after a pretty eventful last week in Colorado that included the first blizzard of the year...

...we made a rather uneventful arrival in rainy Bordeaux. We are settling back into the Maison Mercure and trying to decide where to look for more permanent residence. But, Owen is extremely happy at the Observatory since our house overlooks two giant tower cranes that are building new apartments nearby. Here are some photos from our first few days in Bordeaux:

We arrived on Halloween so here is Owen in his conductor outfit. Jet lag prevented any real celebration but we still had a good time!

Walking around the neighborhood. Yes, baby stroller came to France too. :)

On the carousel in the Jardin Publique.

And, last, I couldn't resist. Here is a picture of Owen at the playground at the Jardin Publique last week (right) and a picture of him from Bordeaux a year ago (left). If he wasn't walking and talking now, you'd almost think no time has gone by...

Also, I have started a new blog, My plan is for it to be more of an "adventures in the life of an American family in Bordeaux" with information about toddler-friendly activities and other assorted day-in-the-life things for foreigners living abroad. Whereas, this blog will remain the primary place to post pictures and family news. It may be quite burdensome to keep 2 simultaneous blogs going - especially since I still don't have daily access to internet - but we'll see.



Yolande said...

what a great idea for the new blog, marisa, and wonderful juxtaposition of pictures!!! with lots of love,

Steve said...

Love the B4 and after photos, Marisa. Our little Boyo is growing like a weed !

I think the Bordeaux Blog is a great concept !! Looking forward to all your new adventures !!

Lots of Love,

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